Mission Critical Authentication
and Authorization

The Gluu Server Overview

The Gluu Server is a free and open source access management tool written primarily in java and python. The Gluu Server combines best-of-breed open source identity and access management software with easy administration, and is engineered to support robust enterprise requirements for uptime and availability.

The Gluu Server for SSO, 2FA & WAM

100% Open Source & Open Standards

When we started Gluu, our mission was to create an open source access management utility that enabled more organizations to deliver a better authentication and authorization service. When possible, we used existing open source software and wrote our own open source software to fill in the cracks.

Each component of the Gluu Server fulfills a different requirement:

  • Shibboleth is one of the most dependable open source SAML single sign-on servers available and is in production at more than 5,000 organization’s worldwide.
  • Asimba SAML Proxy enables an organization to consolidate inbound SAML authentication from the IDPs of partners to a website or app.
  • oxAuth is Gluu’s inter-op leading OpenID Connect IDP and industry leading UMA Authorization Server (AS).
  • Gluu OpenDJ LDAP is our compiled and supported version of OpenDJ that provides persistence for the Gluu Server.
  • oxTrust is the server administration application. In oxTrust, the server admin can manage and configure SAML & OpenID Connect single sign-on, and script policies to enforce custom authentication workflows and control access to web resources like folders and API’s.

Engineered for Flexibility, Uptime and Scaling

The Gluu Server can be deployed in clusters and scaled horizontally to provide a robust, geographically distributed authentication and authorization service. Within a cluster, servers can be added and removed as needed without disrupting the service.

Supported and Non-Supported Deployment Models

Three different deployment models enable organizations of all sizes to utilize the Gluu Server:

  • Community Edition: The Gluu Server CE is an easy to install package of the Gluu Server, without SAML. Inclusion of Shibboleth and Asimba is in progress and is expected to be introduced soon. Community support can be enlisted for free. VIP support can be purchased for private assistance, consultations, training and more.
  • Build / Operate: For organizations that need more hands on support, Gluu can build your servers and maintain ongoing root access to the machines in order to proactively trouble shoot issues and provide 24/7 monitoring.
  • Build / Transfer: For many organizations, giving a third party root access can be an unacceptable security practice. With Build / Transfer, we give you a pre-configured RPM package that can be deployed on up to 5 servers in a cluster, and provide ongoing remote support.

The Secret Sauce


Gluu uses a proprietary Puppet recipe to deliver our Build / Operate service at scale. Puppet allows us to remotely build, manage and support Gluu Servers in a consistent way.

By leveraging our puppet infrastructure, your organization can deliver an in-house, enterprise class identity and access management service using all open source software.

You’d be hard pressed to build and operate a more robust authentication and authorization service, with as many features as the Gluu Server, in less time, for less money. Its a utility approach to IAM, on the network of your choice.