Open Source Authentication & API Access Management

Gluu can help you design an authentication and authorization infrastructure for your domain, or your ecosystem of autonomous partners.

With our Puppet recipe, we can deploy one or more instances of the Gluu Server faster than you can find the wiki page on how to build.

Gluu's trained staff can help you deliver a modern authentication and authorization service for your domain at a reasonable price.

Gluu can help with knowledge transfer to your operational staff through certification and training.


Within a browser, you can
authenticate once and
navigate to both SAML and
OpenID Connect sites without
being asked to re-login.


Implement adaptive authentication
in Jython to support multi-step,
strong credentials, and to call
enterprise services such as
intrusion detection.


Deploy a network of dedicated IDP's,
on your Cloud or ours, to meet your
requirements for availability,
performance, business continuity,
and compliance.


Use UMA, a new profile
of OAuth 2.0, to secure API's
and centralize authorization
for web applications.


Correlate and consolidate users from
multiple backend LDAP servers.
Map existing attributes or write
Jython code to create new ones.

On Premise
or Cloud

User data and credentials don't need
to leave your domain: Gluu can build
OX on a server in your Private Cloud,
or any OpenStack Public Cloud.

Trusted by Security Conscious Organizations Worldwide

  • Duo
  • University of Kentucky
  • Toopher
  • OpenID Foundation
  • Yubico
  • Shibboleth Consortium
  • Rackspace