Centralized authentication & authorization for your organization

  • Single Sign-On

    The Gluu Server can handle unique requirements for inbound, outbound, and proxy-based SSO.

  • Adaptive Authentication

    Support multi-step, strong credentials, and call enterprise services such as instruction detection.

  • Web & API Access Management

    Use UMA, a profile of OAuth 2.0, to secure API's and centralize authorization for web applications.

  • Open Source Software

    Get the best of both worlds: industry leading open source software AND supported configuration.

How it works

There are three core deployment models for the Gluu Server that enable organizations of all sizes to get the level of service they need.

Build & operate

Our flagship subscription service includes building your Gluu Servers and maintaining root access to provide ongoing operational assistance.

Build & transfer

Perfect for organizations that can't provide shared access to the servers but still want Gluu to build and configure the server(s) and an annual support contract.

A la carte

Get started for FREE with the Gluu Server CE, which includes endpoints for OAuth2 profiles OpenID Connect & UMA. Add components and support as needed.

Why Gluu?

We were tired of the status quo.

Building, delivering and supporting a mission critical identity and access management service is a marathon, not a quick sprint. Before starting Gluu we were IAM integrators. We worked with all the leading enterprise platforms. Our experiences lead us to a lightbulb moment: open source software and affordable support could eliminate vendor lock-in, reduce the need for high priced consultants, and significantly drive down the cost of delivering a secure and modern authentication and authorization service.

Flexibility first

All organizations have unique requirements for identity and access management. Using simple Jython scripts that are inserted directly into the Gluu web console and compiled at run time, your organization's sysadmin can quickly implement and modify workflows that relate to your identity and access management service. Customizable workflows enable your organization to support unique requirements for authentication, authorization, registration and enrollment, attribute transformations, and more.

No per user, per integration or license fees. Ever.

We don't sell software and licenses. We sell operational support. By eliminating per user, per application and licensing fees, your organization is never subject to predatory pricing, vendor lock-in, or paying a commission on each new user added to your system.

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