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Get the book about IAM today!

Starter Package

$6,000 per year

Gluu's basic support plan includes access to private support, design and security reviews, and scheduled support meetings with Gluu engineers. The starter package is great for people and organizations that do not have strict requirements for issue response times and high availability. View the Gluu Support Matrix for SLA's and support coverage.

Support Highlights

Priority Support

Skip the line. Get help today!

As a Gluu customer, you can expect prioritized support from our team of experts. In addition to private issue tracking and group collaboration, the basic support plan entitles your organization one (1) hour of security design consulting and 2 hours of scheduled support per quarter.


Support you can depend on

If your mission critical authentication and authorization service goes down, you need support within a reasonable window of time. The basic support contract includes a 12 hour SLA on production outages and a one (1) day SLA on production impairments and minor issues.

Product Highlights

Standard APIs

Drive down the cost of integrations

Support for standard API's like SAML, OpenID Connect, SCIM, and OAuth2 help to drive down the cost of integrating internal, external, and third party applications with your identity and access management infrastructure.


Enforce business-driven policies

Using Python or Java scripts, the Gluu Server can be customized to facilitate dynamic enforcement of any policy-driven business logic. Authorization scripts can centralize policy enforcement, and authentication scripts can call strong authentication libraries or external APIs. This approach can be used to integrate external services like centralized logging or fraud detection.

Directory Integration

Leverage your existing IDM

The Gluu Server can synchronize an existing LDAP server or servers, and even enables you to transform user attributes or create new attributes on the fly. If you have an existing process for provisioning and deprovisioning users, you can call the SCIM APIs to push information into the Gluu Server.

100% Free Open Source

No lock-ins or per user fees. Ever.

The Gluu Server Community Edition (CE) is free to use for as long as you want with as many users as you want. It is production ready and provides the tools needed to enable federated single sign-on (SSO) and trust elevation.

The Gluu Server is free to use for as long as you
want and with an unlimited number of people.

Talk to a Gluu engineer

Have a question? We’re a small team, dedicated to helping your organization deliver a secure authentication and authorization service. Gluu engineers are application security experts and can provide the guidance needed to help you achieve your unique goals.

Schedule a Meeting

Find A Support Plan That's Right For You

The Gluu Server is free to use, and we even offer community support. But for organizations that need private support, security reviews, and SLAs, we offer a range of cost effective support plans.

Large enterprise

Optimize your authentication and authorization infrastructure with Gluu's enterprise-ready package.

Growing business

Support for advanced topics like inbound SAML, as well as a better SLA and more named contacts to interface with Gluu support.

Starter Package

Private support, design and security reviews, and support meetings with Gluu engineers.