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Fully-featured, enterprise-ready open source identity & access management.

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  • Source code
  • Single node packages for Docker, RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS
  • Official documentation
  • Public support on our forum
  • Access to the community knowledge base

What's not included:

  • Enterprise tools for HA
  • Multi-node container deployments
  • Support response SLAs
  • Live chat
  • Support and consultative meetings
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VIP subscription for mission critical deployments

Enterprise tools and support to meet your production needs.

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Enterprise Tools Extend your Gluu Server with tools and features for high availability (HA) and additional functionality.

Advanced Notifications Receive notifications about vulnerabilities, patches, and workarounds at least one week before general community announcements.

Long Term Version Support Gluu will provide periodic maintenance releases for major and minor versions for up to sixty (60) months after initial release.

Upgrades & Migrations Leverage our team’s experience to expedite Gluu Server upgrades and migrations to ensure smooth production roll-outs.

Security Consultations Custom briefing sessions and recommendations from our leadership as new needs and concerns arise at your organizations.

Planning Advice from expert engineers with years of experience supporting the Gluu Server at scale.

Enterprise Support Guaranteed response times, access to live chat, and priority issue resolution for production and pre-production environments.

Architecture and Design Consulting Multi-datacenter replication, high performance, and advice for building the platform to meet your business requirements.

Deployment and Operations Code review and assistance, contextual recommendations on workflows, and strategic advice for platform maintenance.

Best Practices Feedback and guidance for your team about best practices for managing development, QA, and production environments.

Continuity As resources change throughout your project, our team provides consistency in implementation as well as context for the past, present, and future.

Onboarding Support A technical resource from Gluu will evaluate your requirements and objectives to help you document and achieve your goals for IAM.

Enterprise tools & features

Deliver a secure and robust enterprise-grade access management service.

Included with VIP

Docker Edition

Recipes, assets and support for multi-node Docker and Kubernetes deployments of Gluu.

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A la carte


Self-service portal for end-users to manage account security preferences, like 2FA.

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Included with VIP

Cluster Manager

GUI tool for managing a highly available (HA) Gluu Server infrastructure using VMs.

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A la carte

Super Gluu

Push notification two-factor authentication (2FA) app for iOS and Android.

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Included with VIP

Gluu Gateway

API gateway leveraging the Gluu Server for OAuth client credentials and policy management.

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Have a question? Gluu engineers are application security experts and can provide the guidance needed to help you achieve your unique business goals for identity & access management.


What are the basic server requirements for a Gluu deployment?We recommend a virtual machine with at least 2 CPU units, 4 GB of RAM and around 30GB of disk space.

Where can I deploy the Gluu Server?Gluu can be deployed on any cloud provider, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Engine (GCE), and Digital Ocean (DO). For cloud specific notes, please view our VM prep guide.

How many Gluu Servers do organizations typically deploy?Organizations frequently deploy multiple production and development Gluu Servers depending on requirements for high availability, staging, QA and fail over.

Does Gluu perform professional services?It depends. For most design and architecture projects, we recommend engaging one of our certified partners.

Does Gluu publish its customer list?The Gluu Server is being used in production at educational institutions, government and non-government organizations, and enterprises around the world. References are available upon request, but we choose to keep our exact customer list private.

Does Gluu support previous releases in production and pre-production environments?Yes, Gluu supports each release for at least 18 months.

Does Gluu provide any per incident support options?No, Gluu only provides annual support options. For per incident support, we are happy to introduce you to one of our talented service partners.

Is the Gluu Server free to use in production?Yes. The Gluu Server is, and always will be, 100% free open source software. Check the docs for more information about licenses in use.

Can I cancel my support subscription at any time?Either party may terminate the support contract with 30 days written notice.

What happens if I cancel my support subscription?All named contacts associated with the customer organization will lose enhanced access to our support services.

How many users can Gluu handle, and what is the max speed of concurrent logins?The Gluu Server can be scaled horizontally to handle tens of millions of users. To a large extent, performance is driven by configurations made in the underlying database. A well tested data strategy will yield the best results.

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