Gluu Server 3.1.1 single sign-on (SSO) platform is GDPR ready

Gluu Server 3.1.1 supports key user consent features organizations need to comply with the European Union’s new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

November 3, 2017 — Austin, TX USA — Gluu announced today general availability of the Gluu Server 3.1.1, its industry leading free open source single sign-on (SSO) and strong authentication platform.

In addition to new features and performance improvements, the latest version of the Gluu Server supports the User Managed Access (UMA) 2.0 protocol which offers standard technology for obtaining and recording user consent across web and mobile applications–a key requirement of the European Union’s new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

The primary objective of GDPR is to give citizens and residents control over their personal data, and to standardize the regulatory environment within the EU for international businesses. When the GDPR becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018, it will be directly binding and applicable for all organizations holding personal data of EU citizens and residents.

“With a rapidly approaching enforcement date, GDPR is forcing many organizations to seriously review how they obtain, record, store and share personal data,” said Gluu CEO Michael Schwartz. “The latest version of the Gluu Server empowers organizations to obtain user consent in a standard way to ensure personalization never comes as a surprise.”

The Gluu Server 3.1.1 is the first shipping commercial implementation of UMA 2.0, a profile of OAuth 2.0 for access management. UMA leverages OpenID Connect for person authentication, and supports interactive claims gathering to enable multi-step interactive user consent flows.

In addition to UMA 2.0, the Gluu Server 3.1 includes performance improvements and features enhancements:

  • Out of the box support for Super Gluu 2FA;
  • Redis caching of short lived objects;
  • Gluu Server 3.1.x now uses the Weld framework, which resulted in shorter and more concise URLs.
  • Gluu Server 3.1.x supports localization for the oxTrust GUI.

Deploy the Gluu Server.

About Gluu: Gluu publishes identity and access management software that companies, universities and government agencies can use to securely identify people and manage what resources they are allowed to access. Using the Gluu suite of identity and access management software, an organization can leverage open web standards and free open source software to offer customers, employees, and partners single sign-on (SSO) and strong authentication.

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