Gluu to Promote OAuth2 Access Management at Cloud Identity Summit

Gluu CEO Mike Schwartz to promote OAuth 2.0 as the solution for achieving increased identity assurance in digital transactions during session at the Cloud Identity Summit in San Diego, California.

Austin, TX — June 3, 2015 — Gluu, a leading provider of open source identity and access management software, is hosting a session at the Cloud Identity Summit where CEO Mike Schwartz will discuss how OpenID Connect and UMA, two new profiles of OAuth 2.0, are enabling organizations to centrally manage and enhance authentication and authorization security across web, mobile, and IoT applications. The Cloud Identity Summit takes place in San Diego, CA, from June 8-11, and is an annual gathering that includes workshops and presentations by industry experts on new innovations in the field of Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Organizations worldwide are recognizing the need for more secure identity proofing under certain circumstances, for instance during high value financial and personal data transactions. In addition, new requirements have emerged around mobile and Internet of Things (IOT) devices that have limited the ability of existing tools to solve new challenges. OpenID Connect and UMA enable organizations to securely identify individuals and authorize access to privileged resources based on the strength of an authentication mechanism, for example an out-of-band (OOB) push notification or biometric scan, and contextual data such as device type, location, and previous user behavior.

In the session, Schwartz will share how organizations can use these two profiles of OAuth 2.0 to increase trust in an online identity in order to mitigate the risk of fraud. Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of the Enterprise UMA use case, as well as some of the useful OpenID Connect features that can be leveraged to create centralized authentication policies.

Session details can be found by following the link below:
AuthZ is the new AuthN: Trust Elevation with UMA and OpenID Connect: June 11th, 1:00pm to 1:55pm

About Gluu:
Gluu publishes free open source Internet security software that universities, government agencies and companies can use to enable Web and mobile applications to securely identify a person, and manage what information they are allowed to access. Using a Gluu Server, organizations can centralize their authentication and authorization service and leverage standards such as OpenID Connect, UMA, and SAML 2.0 to enable federated single sign-on (SSO) and trust elevation.

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