Gluu Server 2.4 includes new graphical user interface and support for the SCIM 2.0 identity management specification

SCIM 2.0 is designed to make managing user identities in cloud-based applications and services easier, enabling distributed and secure cloud identity.

News Highlights

  • The Gluu Server 2.4 includes a new responsive user interface, and a dashboard that displays real time authentication metrics.
  • SCIM 2.0 will reduce the cost and complexity of user management, making it fast and easy to move users in, out, and around the cloud.
  • Enhanced logout capabilities based on the new OpenID Connect draft for HTTP front channel logout.
  • Support for private key OAuth2 client authentication.
  • Support for persistent pairwise identifiers in OpenID Connect

Austin, TX — November 17, 2015 — Gluu announced today general availability of the Gluu Server Community Edition 2.4, a leading free open source software (FOSS) identity and access management platform. The latest edition includes a revamped user interface and support for SCIM 2.0, an identity management specification that is designed to make managing user identities in cloud-based applications and services faster and easier. “The upgrades in 2.4 continue to make the Gluu Server one of the most useful tools available for centralizing access management within an organization,” said Gluu CEO MIke Schwartz. “As new, modern web standards like OpenID Connect, UMA, FIDO and SCIM proliferate–especially through free open source software–we are able to collectively drive up security and drive down the cost of interoperability for identity and access management on the Internet.” Since the initial release of linux packages in the summer of 2014, the free open source Gluu Server has been deployed by thousands of organizations to solve a wide range of identity and access management problems, including single sign-on (SSO), customer authentication, web and API access management, multi-factor authentication and more. Gluu continues to enhance its platform with additional features that directly address the needs of small, medium, and large organizations worldwide. Version upgrades are made to not only improve performance, security, and usability, but to add new features that respond to the specific needs of the community. To that end, current users are always encouraged to upgrade to the latest version. Find out more about the Gluu Server:

About Gluu
Gluu publishes free open source Internet security software that universities, government agencies and companies can use to enable Web and mobile applications to securely identify a person, and manage what information they are allowed to access. Using a Gluu Server, organizations can centralize their authentication and authorization service and leverage standards such as OpenID Connect, UMA, and SAML 2.0 to enable federated single sign-on (SSO) and trust elevation.

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