Gluu and Canonical to demonstrate instant application security using Ubuntu Juju orchestration at OSCON 2014


Stop by booth #P8 at OSCON to see a live demo of Ubuntu Juju in action: for the first time Single Sign-On between applications is drag and drop.

Austin, TX (July 3, 2014) — Gluu announced today that it will demo an Ubuntu Juju-based deployment of the Gluu Server Community Edition at O’Reilly OSCON, the annual Open Source Conference for open source developers. The demo will show access control for both web and mobile applications using guidelines developed under the Juju Application Security Protocol (JASP), a set of vendor agnostic interfaces to enable Single Sign-ON (SSO) and centralized API access management seamlessly across open source and cloud applications.

Using Juju orchestration, organizations can rapidly deploy an access management infrastructure and connect any JASP compliant applications. In the past, SSO was a complicated system integration project. With Juju, it can be completed in seconds. The demo will also showcase the security solution for mobile applications accessing distributed API’s. Simply by drawing an arrow on the Juju canvas, a non-Web application can instantly use the central security infrastructure. Gluu will show how to control SSH access to a server using a JASP-enabled linux Pluggable Authentication Mechanism (PAM).

“We’re excited to introduce to developers at OSCON 2014 the Gluu Server Juju Charm and the application security protocol we’ve been working on with Canonical, ForgeRock and others,” said Gluu CEO Mike Schwartz. “With Juju, we can significantly drive down the cost of deploying, configuring and integrating open source software in a modern cloud environment. JASP leverages three important new JSON/REST protocols: OpenID Connect, SCIM and UMA. With these protocols, we can make it easy for application developers to build more secure and more convenient Internet security into their applications.”

“Juju is already saving organizations time by enabling rapid deployment, integration and scaling of sophisticated applications across a number of different platforms,” said Maarten Ectors, Cloud Strategy Director at Canonical. “The demo at OSCON will display in realtime how organizations can design and deploy an enterprise-grade open source access management infrastructure, while saving the time, cost and headaches typically associated with production-level open source deployments.”

“As smart devices and the Internet of Things continue to drive developer requirements, open source access management solutions are more important than ever,” said Ectors. “Better orchestration of SSO and API access management addresses one of the most significant challenges of application security: deployability across a large number of diverse enterprise applications.”

O’Reilly OSCON 2014 happens July 22-24 in Portland, Oregon, and Gluu’s exhibit booth number is P8.

About Gluu:
Gluu is an Austin, TX service provider whose open source authentication and API access management stack, called the Gluu Server, helps companies secure Web and mobile applications. The Gluu Server leverages standards such as OAuth2, OpenID Connect, UMA, SAML 2.0, and SCIM to enable federated single sign-on (SSO) and trust elevation. The Gluu Server is used by universities, government agencies, and companies to secure employee facing and consumer network services.

About Canonical:
Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu – the dominant operating system on the cloud – Ubuntu OpenStack – the most widely deployed OpenStack – Juju – the award winning open source cloud orchestration solution – and MAAS – open source bare-metal provisioning and management of physical hardware via cloud APIs. We believe in the power of open source to change the world.

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