Toopher’s Two Factor Authentication Supported by Gluu

Gluu offers a number of preconfigured solutions for multifactor authentication to applications that support standard interfaces.

Austin, TX – May 2, 2013 — Gluu, an open source access management company, announced today that it has open-sourced the code needed to support Toopher, a location aware two-factor authentication mechanism, in its enterprise SSO and access management platform. With Toopher, Gluu’s enterprise customers can offer their employees, partners, and customers an excellent user experience for strong authentication with single sign-on to cloud, mobile, and social applications using SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect, the soon-to-be standardized profile of OAuth 2.0.

“We decided to integrate Toopher as a strong authentication solution because it has one of the best onboarding processes we’ve ever seen, affordable pricing, and the security organizations need to offer both out-of-band mobile authentication and the convenience of one-click authentication from trusted devices and web browsers,” said Gluu CEO, Mike Schwartz.

Gluu offers a number of pre-configured solutions for multi-factor authentication to applications that support standard interfaces like SAML and OpenID Connect. Each solution can be used individually or in conjunction with one another, which provides a level of flexibility for companies interested in combining single sign-on with unique authentication logic.

“Last year the global economy lost $114 billion due to online fraud, and hackers are only getting smarter,” Toopher CEO Jason Alexander said, citing recent attacks on Yahoo, Dropbox and PayPal. “We’re getting great feedback, because while there are lots of players in this space, our solution is easy to use — it doesn’t even require you to take your phone out of your pocket.”

Toopher, used with Gluu’s on-demand cloud identity platform is a fully customizable standards-based authorization and authentication solution that is designed to run “out-of-the-box” on your existing hardware or a dedicated cloud server provided by Gluu. Demos of the complete, integrated solution are available by Gluu, and deployments are typically completed in one to three weeks.

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About Gluu:
Gluu provides an open source authentication and authorization platform for organizations who want to leverage open standards such as OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, and UMA to enable strong authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and access management. Deployed quickly on the IAAS platform of your choice, Gluu’s technology stack improves the quality and drives down the cost of an increasingly complex and mission critical IT service: authentication and authorization (AA).

About Toopher:
Founded in 2011 by a University of Texas PhD student and an adjunct professor, Toopher has developed a game-changing authentication technology to prevent online fraud. Toopher eliminates online fraud and identity theft by providing automated, hassle-free two-factor authentication. Toopher works within current user behavior and everyday activities, using the location awareness of a smartphone to authenticate and protect user identity, all without leaving the user’s pocket. With a Software As A Service product that is true strong, out-of-band two-factor security, Toopher is funded by investors such as Alsop Louie and was a Development Portfolio company of the Austin Technology Incubator. For more information, see or on Twitter: @toopherauth.


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