TM Forum Digital Disruption 2013 to feature market update on digital identity by Gluu CEO, Mike Schwartz

Gluu CEO, Mike Schwartz, will host a market update on digital identity Wednesday, October 30th at TM Forum’s Digital DisruptiMike Schwartz will host a market update on digital identity at TM Forum’son 2013.

October 8, 2013 – Austin, TX — Gluu announces that its CEO and founder Mike Schwartz will host a market update on digital identity at TM Forum’s Digital Disruption 2013 to help attendees recognize and seize new opportunities presented by innovations in digital authentication and authorization.

Trends show that enterprises of all sizes across the globe will continue investing in IAM projects in coming years as older enterprise platforms become obsolete and traditional cost structures are replaced by more attractive pricing offers such as monthly subscription and usage-based pricing.  

“A combination of factors make now a pivotal time in the lifecycle of identity and access management solutions,” said Gluu CEO Mike Schwartz. “After years of work, we are on the verge of an Internet standard for authentication that will make it possible for a website (or mobile application) to authenticate a person from any domain. It will drive down the cost for better security, making the Internet a safer place.  All organizations, but especially network service providers, will be challenged to use this change for competitive advantage.”

Digital Disruption is one of the only events that helps service providers and their partners address vital issues such as reducing cost and risk associated with complicated IT projects like identity and access management.

“While an estimated 87% of consumer authentications are accomplished with an OAuth2 approach, many service providers and enterprises are using the older SAML standard for single sign-on with external websites” continued Schwartz. “The industry is undergoing a transition and service providers need to bridge today’s requirements while also supporting new requirements for mobile authentication. New requirements for single sign-on between web sites and mobile devices, and a growing number of two factor authentication options are also creating opportunities to deliver more integrated services.”

The market update, titled “Who Are You? Delivering effective identity and security management for the Digital World,” will cover key requirements for introducing effective identity management solutions in a digital organization, such as:

  • What are the drivers, requirements and size of the market for effective identity management in a digital world?

  • Who has the most accurate view of your identity – communications or digital service providers?

  • Understanding and addressing the top security concerns for enterprises.

For more information on TM Forum Digital Disruption 2013, visit the event website:

About Gluu
Gluu helps organizations design, build, and operate authentication and authorization (“AA”) systems to secure web and mobile applications using open source software. Gluu leverages open standards such as OAuth 2.0, SAML, and RADIUS to enable organizational strong authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and web access management (WAM). The “OX” open source project, maintained by Gluu, implements two profiles of Oauth2: OpenID Connect for authentication and UMA for authorization. The Gluu Server subscription is a managed service that enables organizations to provide standards based access management for their Internet domain, on the IAAS platform of their choice. Gluu’s website is


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