Gluu Provides Toshiba Open Source Authorization and Authentication Platform for New Cloud TV Services

Gluu’s open source authorization and authentication platform, OX, will enable the next generation of Toshiba Cloud TV Services to authenticate consumers and integrate with popular Internet apps.

May 1, 2013, Austin, TX – Gluu, an open source access management company, announced today that Toshiba has selected its open source OX platform to power the authentication and authorization infrastructure for “Toshiba Cloud TV Services,” which launched in Europe last week following successful launches in Japan and the U.S. in October 2012 and March 2013, respectively.

Toshiba’s new Cloud TV takes the connected experience to the next level by offering easy, personalized content discovery and acquisition, including news content; better mobile device interactivity; practical social interaction services, server-based upgradability and much more.

“Cloud TV Services will further blur the line between computers and televisions,” said Mike Schwartz, CEO of Gluu. “It emphasizes the growing importance of an Internet connection for watching TV and the market demand for a seamless experience across multiple devices. We’re excited that Toshiba has chosen Gluu’s OX open source platform to deliver this next-gen service. It’s a move that promises to benefit consumer electronics companies and the open source community at large for years to come.”

“With data and content increasingly moving to the cloud, authorization and authentication played a fundamental role in our ability to deliver this new TV experience,” said Daisuke Hoshina, Product Marketing at Toshiba Corporation. “We’ve integrated key features for social interaction, a family calendar, and photo albums that would not have been possible without a strong and flexible authorization and authentication platform.”

Toshiba’s ambitious plans to launch the new TV globally spurred Gluu’s rapid development of its OX platform. The most important feature developed was support for “OpenID Connect”, a soon-to-be finalized standard that defines how companies can use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate a person, and other important services to enable even greater website interoperability.

According to Schwartz, Toshiba’s Cloud TV Services brought with it new challenges, as authentication and authorization technologies need to accommodate a new range of requirements from non-computer devices. “The challenge for us is to make access for people easy, without sacrificing security,” he said. “If we asked people to enter their password on the remote too often, they would lose patience and stop using Cloud TV Services technology. We believe that OX solves that problem for Toshiba with an efficient, yet secure, authentication experience for consumers.”

Toshiba had many functional and usability requirements, and preferred an open source platform. Schwartz noted that Toshiba identified OX as a potential provider in large part because the latest OpenID Connect interop results revealed OX as one of the most comprehensive platforms available. Gluu has been collaborating with Toshiba for several months and looks forward to supporting the consumer electronic manufacturing giant’s rollout as Cloud TV Services launches around the world.

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About Gluu: 
Gluu provides an open source authentication and authorization platform for organizations who want to leverage open standards such as OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, and UMA to enable strong authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and access management. Deployed quickly on the IAAS platform of your choice, Gluu’s technology stack improves the quality and drives down the cost of an increasingly complex and mission critical IT service: authentication and authorization (AA).

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