Gluu delivers OpenID Connect plugin for Apache Web Servers

Crowdfunding fuels Gluu to develop first-ever open source OpenID Connect plugin for Apache Web Servers.

November 6, 2013 – Austin, TX — Gluu announced today that the crowdfunded development of an OpenID Connect plugin for the Apache 2.4.6 Web Server has been completed. The open source code is now available for download and use via Gluu’s wiki.

“We are excited to report that development for the first of two OAuth 2.0 web server plugins we set out to build through our crowdfunding effort is complete,” said Gluu CEO, Mike Schwartz. “Web programmers don’t always have time to learn complicated authentication API’s. This plugin makes it simple to implement OpenID Connect immediately.”

OpenID Connect is a new profile of OAuth 2.0 that standardizes a scalable authentication solution for people and devices. “An Internet where every domain implements their own profile of OAuth2 for authentication is crazy,” said Schwartz. “With OpenID Connect, web developers will quickly be able to snap authentication into their app no matter which domain on the Internet authenticates the person.”

OpenID Connect’s development motto has been to ‘make simple things simple, and complicated things possible.’ Keeping with this maxim, OpenID Connect has greatly simplified how an app or website registers (i.e. gets an API key and secret), sends a person to be authenticated, and subsequently validates a session (so the person doesn’t have to “login” again). OpenID Connect is a bandwidth efficient protocol. Versus XML used in the SAML protocol (an older authentication standard), OpenID Connect’s JSON data format is smaller on the wire and requires less computing power for devices to process.

”With the plugin, programmers don’t need to be experts at implementing the OpenID Connect API in order to use this type of authentication for a website or mobile application. Lowering the barrier for better security is a requirement for making the Internet a safer places for businesses and consumers.”

An Apache Web Server plugin for UMA, an OAuth 2.0 profile for authorization, represents the next and final portion of development associated with Gluu’s crowdfunding effort. Schwartz estimates that development for the UMA plugin will be complete by January, 2014.

For more information about Gluu, UMA, or OpenID Connect, visit gluu’s website:

About Gluu:
Gluu provides design, build, and operational services to organizations that want to deploy OX for mission critical authentication and authorization. The “OX” open source project, maintained by Gluu, implements two profiles of OAuth 2.0: OpenID Connect for authentication and UMA for authorization. A subscription to the Gluu Server, Gluu’s flagship service, enables an organization to quickly deploy one or more OX instances for their Internet domain, on the IAAS platform of their choice, to enable single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and web access management.

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