Gluu adds support for PhoneFactor Two Factor Authentication

Gluu open sources the OX integration for PhoneFactor to enable domains to authenticate individuals using mobile phones.

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Austin, TX, April 17, 2013 — Gluu, the utility access management company, announced today that it has open-sourced the code needed to support PhoneFactor, a leading provider of multi-factor authentication, in its enterprise SSO and access management platform, OX.

With PhoneFactor, Gluu’s enterprise customers can authenticate people using an out-of-band phone call or text message for strong authentication with single sign-on to cloud, mobile, and social applications using SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect, the soon-to-be standardized profile of OAuth 2.0.

“Two-factor authentication is one of the most cost efficient ways to increase security and reduce fraud,” said Gluu CEO Mike Schwartz. “We decided to integrate PhoneFactor because it offers a robust authentication platform with built-in support for leading on-premise and cloud applications, centralized user management, automated enrollment, user self-service, and extensive reporting.”

Gluu offers a number of pre-configured solutions for multi-factor authentication to applications that support standard interfaces like SAML and OpenID Connect. Available solutions in addition to PhoneFactor include Duo Security, OneID, Yubikey and more. Each solution can be used individually or in conjunction with one another, which provides a level of flexibility for companies interested in combining single sign-on with unique authentication logic.

PhoneFactor, used with Gluu’s on-demand cloud identity platform is a fully customizable standards-based authorization and authentication solution that is designed to run “out-of-the-box” on your existing hardware or a dedicated cloud server provided by Gluu. Demos of the complete, integrated solution are available by Gluu, and deployments are typically completed in one to three weeks.

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About Gluu:
Gluu ( is an Austin, TX startup that provides a utility service to make it easy for an organization to deploy and operate a standards-based access management server for their domain. Gluu leverages open standards such as OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, and UMA to enable strong authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and access management. Deployed quickly on public and private cloud servers, Gluus cloud identity platform helps organizations address the installation and operational issues of an organizational identity provider at a predictable annual cost.


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