Gluu adds inWebo to supported two-factor authentication mechanisms

Gluu adds easy integration for inWebo to make single sign-on and two-factor authentication with cloud apps simple and secure.

Austin, TX – July 2, 2013 – Gluu announced today the availability of code in its OX open source access management platform to support inWebo’s  “authentication as a service” solution, which helps businesses ensure secure access to their B2B and B2C websites.

“No two organizations have the same requirements for authentication, which is why Gluu is determined to provide its customers with secure, usable, and cost efficient two-factor authentication solutions, like inWebo,” says Gluu CEO Mike Schwartz. “With Gluu and inWebo, organizations can offer their employees, partners, and customers single sign-on access to cloud and native applications using standard interfaces such as SAML and OpenID Connect while leveraging their investment in strong authentication technology across virtually any application.”

Gluu’s OX platform makes centrally managing business logic for authentication simple and flexible. Through the use of custom authentication interception scripts, the OX platform can integrate any authentication mechanism, logic, or flow. This provides an organization the necessary flexibility to map the business logic for authentication across a number of scenarios.

“With Gluu, organizations can easily centralize the management of single sign-on access to multiple applications, and by using inWebo with Gluu, those companies can just as easily pair SSO with strong authentication,” says Didier Perrot, CEO at inWebo, “With Gluu and inWebo, organizations can ensure security and leverage the convenience of centralized authorization and authentication using open source software.”

inWebo uniquely provides a frictionless multi-factor authentication directly from the browser on any device, with no specific action required from the users for the added security, no soft-token install, no need of having users give their mobile phone numbers or even own one, etc. inWebo, used with Gluu’s open source OX platform is a fully customizable, standards-based authorization and authentication solution that is designed to run “out-of-the-box” on your existing hardware or a dedicated cloud server provided by Gluu.

Demos of the complete, integrated solution are available by Gluu, and deployments are typically completed in one to three weeks.

About Gluu:
Gluu provides IT services to large organizations to help them design, build, and operate authentication and authorization (“AA”) systems to secure web and mobile applications using open source software. Gluu leverages open standards such as OAuth, SAML, and Radius, to enable organizational strong authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and web access management (WAM). The “OX” open source project, maintained by Gluu, provides one of the leading implementations of OpenID Connect and UMA, two leading profiles of OAuth2. Gluu’s operational service enables organizations to quickly deploy an AA service for their Internet domain, on the IAAS platform of their choice. Gluu improves the quality and drives down the cost of an increasingly mission critical IT security service.

Gluu’s dedicated server delivery model allows security conscious organizations to centrally manage authorization and authentication using their own servers, from inside their own network. This mitigates a number of security concerns associated with multi-tenant identity solutions. In addition, because all the software is open source, there are no licensing fees which makes the total cost of ownership markedly less than proprietary monolithic IAM offerings by companies like Oracle, IBM and CA.

About inWebo Technologies:
inWebo Technologies is a saas provider of Identity Protection solutions for the cloud ages. It promotes the adoption of strong authentication thanks to innovative solutions that are easy to implement, to manage and to use. In-Webo allows businesses of all kinds and sizes to secure transactions with their employees, partners and customers by protecting and simplifying access to business-critical information. inWebo operates trusted authentication platforms and owns the only security certification for a software authentication product from the world-known French Government IT Security Agency (ANSSI).

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