OpenXDI Project Releases OxServer 0.2

( January 9, 2012 — Austin, TX Gluu announced today the release of oxServer 0.2, an implementation of the XDI 1.0 standard under development by the OASIS XDI Technical Committee. This release introduces major new functionality including LDAP persistence, a standard security mechanism call XDI “Link Contracts”, support for OpenID Connect 1.0 federated identity, as well as many performance optimizations.

“This release of oxServer, which included over 50 new features, is a major milestone for the project” said Michael Schwartz, Founder / CEO of Gluu. “All critical functionality is implemented to start testing the potential of the XDI architecture” he continued.

Schwartz is proposing XDI as a standard solution for social networking. “To date, we have failed to define an Internet standard to securely share data. Social networks like Facebook have bridged this requirement by centralizing data, custom coding security rules, and publishing proprietary APIs. XDI offers a way out. After a decade of development, XDI provides the first semantic standard to enable secure Internet scale data federation.”

OX software is open source; the latest code and documentation is posted on the project wiki at The OpenXDI project also includes several related projects: (1) oxAuth—an OpenID Connect 1.0 server; (2) oxTrust—an administration tool for organizations; (3) oxModel, an object to graph mapping library to make it easier to write XDI applications; (4) native XDI client libraries in Java, Ruby and Javascript.

About Gluu

Gluu ( is an Austin startup offering a cloud based identity appliance which leverages open standards to make it easier for organizations to achieve single-sign on with partner websites. The company also sponsors the OpenXDI project (, making much of its technology available to the open source community.

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