Gluu Founder and CEO, Michael Schwartz, to host OpenID Connect 1.0 session at RSA Conference Europe 2012

For Immediate Release — Austin, TX

Gluu Inc. today announced that its’ Founder and CEO, Michael Schwartz, has been approved for an individual session at this year’s RSA Conference Europe 2012 in the United Kingdom. With the upcoming release of OpenID Connect 1.0, Schwartz will provide documentation and explanations for how the newest version of OpenID Connect will standardize “Social Login” on the Internet.

The RSA Security conference is industry renowned for bringing all the security issues, answers, and thought leaders together. Over three days, RSA Conference Europe 2012 will deliver the latest information on protecting organizations from threats posed by the internet and the advent of the cloud. Topics will include thoughts on cybercrime, malware incidents, data breaches, cloud identity, compliance legislation, and more.  

Schwartz will look to provide his audience with a history of identity federation, an overview of OpenID Connect, an analysis of the options available to adopt the technology, and questions about challenges that remain for organizations to share identity data on the Internet, including the rise of personal data stores and vendor relationship management.

“The goal is to help put OpenID Connect 1.0 into perspective and to provide a deeper understanding of the direction and momentum of the OpenID standard,” said Schwartz. He continued, “OpenID Connect has been a long time in the making, which has lead many in the security industry to be confused about the reason for the delay. The technology can be intimidating to outsiders, and this talk is intended to break down the concepts behind the jargon, and highlight some of the most important features of OpenID Connect.”

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About Gluu:
Gluu ( is an Austin, TX startup that provides open source and on demand cloud identity and trust management. Gluu leverages open standards such as OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, Shibboleth, and SCIM to make achieving single sign-on (SSO) secure and easy. Deployed quickly on public and private cloud servers, all of Gluu’s cloud identity solutions address the installation and operational issues of an organizational identity provider at one predictably low annual cost.

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