Gluu becomes lunch sponsor for Cloud Identity Summit 2012

June 15, 2012 Austin, TX — Gluu Inc. today announced its sponsorship of the 2012 Cloud Identity Summit in Vail, Colorado. From July 16-19, leading identity experts will take stage to present and discuss the latest research in cloud identity and security. Joined by sponsors including Cisco, Gartner, OpenID and more, Gluu continues to participate in the pursuit of secure and scalable federated identity across the web.

Cloud Identity Summit is the premier conference dedicated to federated identity and cloud security. With 15 expert led, hands-on educational workshops and over 30 industry speakers, the Cloud Identity Summit brings together hundreds of the world’s top identity experts, implementers, and vendors into a single week of knowledge sharing. Topics will include the future of authentication, ways to improve enterprise and organizational identity and access management, cloud identity governance and compliance, and much more.

Fresh off the public release of its’ Cloud Identity Server, Gluu looks to lead the way in providing low cost, universal identity federation. “Secure identity is now a utility,” said Gluu CEO Michael Schwartz. “The majority of businesses and consumers are now using cloud applications, and identity security is critical to the progression of the internet.”

The Cloud Identity Summit 2012 pre-conference workshops are scheduled for Monday, July 16 and Tuesday, July 17 and include:

OpenID Connect Technology Interop – OpenID Foundation
OIDF Summit – OpenID Foundation
SAML Hands On – Secure Cloud SSO Workshop – Ping Identity
OAuth Hands On – Secure API’s Workshop – Ping Identity
OIX Summit – OIX
Advanced Federation Use-Cases with PingFederate Workshop – Ping Identity
Understanding the Cloud Identity Standards Ecosystem Lecture – Ping Identity
BYOD meets IdM Lecture – Rocky Mountain Garden
On-Demand Cloud Single Sign-On with PingOne Workshop – Ping Identity
Hands-on with OAuth, Facebook and the Platform Workshop – Salesforce
How Google will Help Your Site get out of the Password Business Workshop – Google
OpenID Connect Hands On Workshop – Ping Identity
Going Mobile with PingFederate and OAuth 2.0 – Ping Identity

About Gluu:
Gluu ( is an Austin, TX startup offering cloud identity security solutions to enterprise and educational organizations. Gluu leverages Internet standards such as OpenID Connect, SAML, OAUTH and SCIM to enable organizations to develop trusted online communities. Available as both open source and on demand, the goal of Gluu’s Cloud Identity platform is to make cloud identity available to organizations quickly, easily, in a transparent, privacy protecting manner.

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