Open Source Gluu: The Okta Alternative

The open source Gluu platform is used by clients in the government, banking, telco, healthcare, and education markets for identity and access management (IAM), especially where open standards are preferred, like OpenID, OAuth, SAML and FIDO.

Hosted cloud identity offerings from companies like Okta are a great option for many companies. But by bringing identity back “in-house” (or at least onto your Azure or Amazon cloud), companies are saving money, gaining  agility, and improving security. This is true for both employee and customer authentication. Even API access management can benefit, enabling
enterprises to rollout new services more quickly.

Open source is established as the best way to develop infrastructure software. Well managed open source projects are not just less expensive, they are more innovative and more reliable. Lack of transparency doesn’t lead to better code. That’s why large cloud providers build their infrastructure on open source.

About Gluu
Since 2009, organizations around the world have trusted Gluu for large-scale, high-security identity & access management (IAM). Gluu’s comprehensive open source platform provides industry-leading solutions for web and mobile single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA), and API access management. Built on open web standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, WebAuthn (FIDO), and UMA, customers choose Gluu for performant, compliant and modern authentication, authorization, federation and hybrid cloud identity.

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