Our Approach to Pricing

When evaluating Gluu's support offerings, there are three things to consider: 1) whether your organization wants priority support, 2) whether a managed service is needed, and 3) whether high availability clusters are a strict requirement.

Watch Gluu CEO Mike Schwartz explain our approach to pricing.

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Find A Plan That's Right For You

Gluu offers a variety of support options to help organizations of all sizes deliver a secure and reliable access management service.

Large enterprise

Optimize your authentication and authorization infrastructure with Gluu's enterprise-ready packages.

Growing business

Support for advanced topics like clustering, as well as design and security reviews and support meetings with Gluu engineers.

Starter Package

Private support, design and security reviews, and support meetings with Gluu engineers.

The Gluu Server is free to use for as long as you
want and with an unlimited number of people.

Talk to a Gluu engineer

Have a question? We’re a small team, dedicated to helping your organization deliver a secure authentication and authorization service. Gluu engineers are application security experts and can provide the guidance needed to help you achieve your unique goals.

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