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What's new in oxd 4.0#


  • Added remaining validation steps for OpenID Connect spec


oxd 4.0 includes architectural changes as well as different bug fixes and improvements:

  • Introduced Swagger 2.0 to oxd (we are planning to move to 3.0 when swagger codegen is ready)
  • Socket transport is removed from oxd-server
  • https is the main transport layer for oxd-server
  • oxd-https-extension module is completely removed
  • All configuration is now in a single yaml file. See a sample oxd-server.yml
  • New tests set-up and tear-down based on Dropwizard
  • Upgraded dropwizard to latest stable 1.3.1 version
  • Changed oxd commands runner to avoid additional serialization/deserialization which improves performance.