TestShib2 Testing For Gluu Server

Trust Relationship in IdP

It is necessary to create a Trust Relationship in the IdP for TestShib2.

  1. Log into the Gluu IdP as an admin user.

  2. Click on SAML --> Trust Relationships


  1. To create a new Trust Relationship, click on the "Add Relationship" button.

Add TR

(a) Configuration

  i. Display Name: TestShib2 testing

 ii. Description: TestShib2 TR

iii. Metadata type: URL

 iv. Provide TestShib2 XML metadata link: http://www.testshib.org/metadata/testshib-providers.xml

  v. Release Attributes: First Name, Username, TransientId if required and released in IdP.

 vi. Click "Add".

Adding TR

Gluu IdP Configuration in Testshib Site

  1. Go to the TestShib website by typing "http://www.testshib.org/" in the web browser.

  2. Click on "Register".

  3. Upload the metadata of the IdP in the testshib webpage.

    (a) To collect the metadata of Gluu IdP, please go to "https://support.gluu.org/216/.

Upload Metadata

(b) After successful update, TestShib will present a confirmation page.


IdP SSO Testing

  1. Click on "TEST" in the TestShib website.

  2. Hit the "https://sp.testshib.org" link.


  1. Provide the entityID of the IdP in the input box. The entityID for Gluu IdP is "https://host_name_of_IdP/idp/shibboleth".

Test Shib

  1. Click "Go" and the user will be forwarded to the IdP for authentication. If the authentication is successful, then the browser will show a shibboleth protected TestShib page.

Protected Page