Configuring Apache Shibboleth SP in Windows

Shibboleth SP Installation

  1. Download the MSI of Shibboleth-SP from: .

  2. Start the installation


  1. Define the destination folder (by default it is: C:\opt\shibboleth-sp).


  1. Select the Shibboleth Daemon port. By default it is 1600, and you may keep it for testing it, locally.


  1. Now, there are two options. According to your target you will have to choose one.

    1. Option 1: If you install Shibboleth for the Apache Web Server

    2. Option 2: If you install Shibboleth for Microsoft IIS Web Server

      a. For the Microsoft IIS Web Server, CHECK “Install ISAPI filter and configure IIS”. Remember to put the file Extension ”.sso” -- this is necessary.


    b. For the Apache Web Server, UNCHECK "Install ISAPI filter and
    configure IIS".


3. UAC of Windows 7 may block this program, so allow it.


Apache Configuration

  1. Download the Apache HTTP server MSI Installer with OpenSSL: .


  1. Select the destination. You can keep the default destination for your local testing. But, make sure that there is no other “Apache Software Foundation” directory in your current “C:\Program Files\” location.


  1. Provide the Server Information. For local testing you can use localdomain/localhost.


  1. Test whether the Apache web server is installed or not. Open your web browser and use localhost. If you see something like the image shown below--you are done!


Shibboleth and Apache Configuration

  1. Change the permission of the Apache installation directory, and provide “write” access.

  2. httpd.conf configuration

    1. Change “ServerName localhost:80” (for your local testing)

    2. Copy apache22.conf from the Shibboleth directory to ~/apache/conf/extra/

  3. Shibboleth2.xml configuration

    1. Change: Host name=“localhost” (for local testing)

    2. Change: entityID=“https://localhost/shibboleth” (for local testing)

    3. Change: ApplicationOverride id=“admin” entityID=“https://localhost/shibboleth/”

  4. Reboot your windows machine.

Test SP Installation with Windows and Apache

  1. Open the web browser, and provide the address: localhost/Shibboleth.sso/Status
  2. If you can see some XML page like the one shown below--you are done with your SP installation in Windows through Apache2.