Fine Tuning Gluu Server

Gluu Server has a stateless architecture, it scales quite easy. However to get high-performant server it must be tuned accordingly.

Tuning consists of:

  • LDAP Server (OpenDJ, OpenLDAP)
  • Web Application Container (Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss)
  • Gluu Server configuration Tuning

LDAP Server

(For convenience all samples stick to OpenDJ however general recommendations are the same for other LDAP Servers)

  1. Maximum number of allowed connections

If there are not enough connections to serve the client, a connection is put "on hold" and waits. To avoid delays it's recommended to provide expected maximum allowed connections.

  1. Provide enough resources to LDAP Server

For example OpenDJ use JVM for running, for high performance it's recommended to give enough memory via JVM system properties.

  1. Allow LDAP Server use cache as much as possible.
dsconfig -n set-backend-prop --backend-name userRoot --set db-cache-percent:50

Apache Tomcat

  1. Set maximum for parallel requests.

Connector parameters in server.xml:

  • maxThreads="10000"
  • maxConnections="10000"

  • Set memory settings via JAVA_OPTS

set "JAVA_OPTS=-Xms1456m -Xmx7512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:+DisableExplicitGC"

  1. Operating time

Check via Tomcat monitor whether requests are handled or just "hangs" because there are not enough resources. Here is sample when processing time increase due to lack of resources:

Alt text

Gluu Server

  • - Increase ldap connection pool size

    maxconnections: 1000

Gluu Server Benchmark

Benchmarking based on Authentication Implicit Flow:

Measures were made on single machine with Gluu Server, LDAP Server and test runner (clients). Therefore here is quite subjective results

Invocations    Parallel threads    Time Comments
100 100 8 seconds
1000 100 -
1000 200 - Not representable: CPU 100%
2000 100 - Not representable: CPU 100%
2000 200 - Not representable: CPU 100%
10000 300 - Not representable: CPU 100%
1000000 300 - Not representable: CPU 100%

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