Register User

The oxTrust component provides a very basic user registration service for the people to sign-up for an account on the Gluu Server. This service is disabled by default. The User Registration custom script is used to enable the registration feature.


Note: When possible, we recommend handling user registration in your app locally, then pushing the information to the Gluu Server via SCIM 2.0. This will give you much more control and flexibility in defining the exact registration process. Also,

frequently oxTrust is not Internet facing--it was primarily designed as an interface for admins.

Preparing Gluu Server

Navigate to the custom scripts section of the Admin Panel. Click on the configuration menu and then Manage Custom Scripts.


The tabs near the top of the page can be used to navigate to different custom scripts. We are concerned about the User Registration tab.


Set the enable_user value to to true so that the user can login as soon as the registration is complete, which sets the default status value. You may want to leave this to false if you want to manually review user registrations before allowing them.


Click Enable checkbox at the bottom of the page.


User Registration

The users can register through the user registration link usually available at <hostname>/identity/register.