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oxd is now free for up to 10 web apps!

[:en] Starting today, the oxd OAuth2 client software is free to use with up to 10 web applications! By offering a “Free Forever” plan, our...

William L. June 12, 2018

Gluu versus Keycloak

[:en] From time to time we are asked how Gluu compares to other open source projects. Keycloak is coming up more and more these days,...

Mike S. May 4, 2018

Auth0 Hack: JWTs aren’t as great as claimed… and why it took six months to fix

[:en] Auth0 likes to espouse the benefits of JWTs for authentication: “JWT is used at Internet scale. This highlights the ease of client-side processing of...

Mike S. April 19, 2018


[:en] SSO : Single Sign-On SSI : Self Sovereign Identity At IIW XXVI last week, there was much excitement about innovations in SSI. It’s tempting...

Mike S. April 11, 2018

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