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Auth0 Hack: JWTs aren’t as great as claimed… and why it took six months to fix

Auth0 likes to espouse the benefits of JWTs for authentication: “JWT is used at Internet scale. This highlights the ease of client-side processing of the...

Mike S. April 19, 2018

WebViews are bad — Use AppAuth for Mobile Single Sign-On (SSO)

In a WebView, any malicious code in the page has the same rights as the application. This means you need to make sure to only...

Mike S. August 9, 2016

Impact of Heartbleed for Gluu Customers

This blog provides a good analysis to understand the impact of Heartbleed: If you are running a Shibboleth IDP front ended by an Apache...

Mike S. April 10, 2014

Gluu Web Authentication / SSO Protocol Adoption Predictions

Its hard to make accurate predictions about adoption for SSO protocols. Its impossible to make a detailed model when the known inputs are so vast....

Mike S. December 2, 2013

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