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Discovery aka WAYF for local, SAML and OAuth2 authentication

I was recently asked by a customer “What configuration changes, if any, need to be made for the resource providers to accept both the old...

Michael Schwartz January 2, 2014

Role with Attributes but Permission with UMA Scopes

Advocates for ABAC (attribute based access control) have a new pun up their sleeve, “Role with Attributes”… haha… as in express the person’s role using...

Michael Schwartz December 17, 2013

Go West Young Federation!

Several countries are helping businesses to start federations. For example, there is the British Business Federation Authority. At the IdentityNext conference last month in the...

Michael Schwartz December 12, 2013

Kickstarter Idea: oxKey and oxLox

Here is my latest idea, its called “oxKey,” which would use NFC to store a “Key Code” on a physical key corresponding to the Medeco...

Michael Schwartz December 11, 2013

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