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Graph Man

The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio has a fantastic children’s art program. They work with local artists and teachers to develop classes that enables...

Michael Schwartz June 10, 2012

Rx for the Internet

We hate to throw things away at my household. So when my wife suggested we use our expired meds and vitamins as art, pills became...

Michael Schwartz June 10, 2012

Graphs for Healthcare

Graph technology promises to solve several critical data federation challenges–security, inter-operability, and portability. By adopting a secure, graph based data federation standard, cloud service providers...

Michael Schwartz June 10, 2012

School Ring Federation

At a high level, this blog is about how xdiCoin and XDI messaging could be used to support OpenID Connect 1.0 multi-party federations. The interactions...

Michael Schwartz June 6, 2012

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