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Go West Young Federation!

Several countries are helping businesses to start federations. For example, there is the British Business Federation Authority. At the IdentityNext conference last month in the...

Michael Schwartz December 12, 2013

Gluu Web Authentication / SSO Protocol Adoption Predictions

Its hard to make accurate predictions about adoption for SSO protocols. Its impossible to make a detailed model when the known inputs are so vast....

Michael Schwartz December 2, 2013

Three Cloud IDP Hosting Models

Hosting an IDP is hard, so its natural that organizations will look to the cloud to satisfy the requirement. Based on storage of the private...

Michael Schwartz November 29, 2013

Gluu Federation Registry Service

Using the Gluu Server, your organization can host a local federation. Watch the video Gluu Multi-Party SAML Federation Demo: OX Open Source if you’d like...

Michael Schwartz September 3, 2013

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