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NSTIC: “Are we there yet?” … Gluu: “Are you kidding?”

This was originally a comment on a blog post by Jeremy Grant, Senior Executive Advisor at NSTIC, titled: Interim Identity Ecosystem: “Are we there yet?”...

Michael Schwartz November 7, 2013

OpenID Connect Lesson of the Day: Discovery & Transient ID’s

After being stumped by a client’s OpenID Connect question earlier today, we wanted to dig deeper for some answers. We turned to the knowledgeable and...

Michael Schwartz March 20, 2013

O’Reilly Submission: Cloud Identity Cookbook

Mike’s submission to O’Reilly Media… Please SHARE and let us know what you think! O’Reilly reviewers: I’d like to propose a cookbook on how domains...

Michael Schwartz March 1, 2013

Ring not Rev : A proposal for the Global Registry Service

Background Since becoming a trustee of XDI.ORG, I have been engaged in a conversation for how to “rev” the XDI.ORG Global Registry Service (“GRS”). Rev...

Michael Schwartz July 12, 2012

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