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Submission to Sprint Innovate: Why Sprint should support OpenID Connect

Sprint should support the OpenID Connect protocol for authentication. Sprint has a lot of customers. Telco’s are in a superlative position to authenticate people using...

Michael Schwartz August 14, 2013

Slides: Internet Requirements for Personal Cloud

Mike’s slides from the Personal Cloud Group Meetup at TechRanch Austin 8/6/2013 Requirements for Personal Clouds : Tech Ranch Talk 8/7/13 from Michael Schwartz  ...

Michael Schwartz August 14, 2013

UMA and OpenID Connect Plugins for Apache

It would be so awesome if we (meaning the citizens of the Internet) had plugins for popular web servers to make it easier to use...

Michael Schwartz July 17, 2013

OpenID Connect Lesson of the Day: Discovery & Transient ID’s

After being stumped by a client’s OpenID Connect question earlier today, we wanted to dig deeper for some answers. We turned to the knowledgeable and...

Michael Schwartz March 20, 2013

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