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OAuth2 for IoT?

Today, consumers have no way to centrally manage access to all their Web stuff and IOT devices are threatening to create a whole new silo...

Michael Schwartz November 20, 2014

2FA for every site on the Internet?

You’ve probably seen This site totally misses the point. I think Walmart should be congratulated for not rolling out 2FA. A tightly bundled solution...

Michael Schwartz April 8, 2014

Who Are You? From Meat to Electrons and Back Again

SXSW 3/10/14 From our perspective, websites are in cyberspace. But from the website perspective, you and I… are in “meat-space.” In 1984, William Gibson coined...

Michael Schwartz March 11, 2014

OpenID Connect… Call me crazy!

10 Reasons Why OpenID Connect will be ubiquitous for domain authentication “The difficult… I’ll do right now. The impossible may take a little while…” Bob...

Michael Schwartz February 25, 2014

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