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Impact of Heartbleed for Gluu Customers

This blog provides a good analysis to understand the impact of Heartbleed: If you are running a Shibboleth IDP front ended by an Apache...

Michael Schwartz April 10, 2014

2FA for every site on the Internet?

You’ve probably seen This site totally misses the point. I think Walmart should be congratulated for not rolling out 2FA. A tightly bundled solution...

Michael Schwartz April 8, 2014

Who Are You? From Meat to Electrons and Back Again

SXSW 3/10/14 From our perspective, websites are in cyberspace. But from the website perspective, you and I… are in “meat-space.” In 1984, William Gibson coined...

Michael Schwartz March 11, 2014

Juju OAuth2 Application Security Design Proposal

We don’t need SSO, we need trust elevation There is no point in designing a solution that provides just SSO. Today, people are using an...

Michael Schwartz February 14, 2014

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