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Gluu SXSW Interactive 2014 Session Picks

Michael Schwartz January 2, 2014


For those of you with SXSW cabin fever, or alternately for the super-organized who are already planning your agenda… every work day until SXSW, Gluu will post a new SXSW session recommendation, with a bias towards the “Social and Privacy Track” at the Sheraton.

Check the SXSW website for a constantly updated full list of sessions.

See a full list of Gluu’s SXSW 2014 related events.

New Picks

  1. Leapfrogging the First World Emerging markets face unique challenges when it comes to technology innovation and adoption. In this solo panel, @heravarice will discuss case studies covering innovations such as textbooks delivered via low-end feature-phone SIM cards for students in the Philippines; and initiatives designed to give women more access and ownership of technology, such as Oxfam’s Pink Phone project in Cambodia.
  2. Actionable Gamification – Beyond Points & Badges While talks on theory and the promise of Gamification run rampant, very few of them provide the necessary tools to turn knowledge into action. As a Gamification Pioneer and International Keynote Speaker, @yukaichou explains the reason why so many gamification campaigns fail and introduces the Complete Gamification Framework: Octalysis to use as a tool to implement Gamification design for any process.
  3. That Was the Old Me: Managing Online Reputation 91% of hiring managers now look at social media profiles when screening job applicants, and one in 10 young job applicants has been denied due to their online reputation. In this dual panel, security expert @bryanhjelm from CSID and Internet privacy lawyer and reputation management specialist @parryaftab will debate the topic of online reputation, including reputation management techniques, privacy and legal implications, and use cases for businesses.
  4. Social Identity: Public, Personal & Private As you use more social networking sites, your social identity becomes a blend of publicly shared and personal information. Based on his upcoming book, @IdoNotes will show you firsthand how innocuous things you share online can be used to gain access to your private data, and will share tricks to block those attempts.
  5. Brave Broken World: The Death of VC As We Know It In this session, @mittal, co-founder and CEO of Founders Club, will open the kimono on the venture capital industry. First, he will reveal what is, for many, a complete black box — the underbelly of a venture capital firm’s operations and business model. And second, he will discuss how the industry needs to reinvent itself or die.
  6. Beginnings: A Panel About Entrepreneurism with Michael Dell @MichaelDell, founder and CEO of Dell, will host a panel of successful entrepreneurs including @carleyroney, @jtbold and @kaufer, for an insightful discussion about starting and scaling a business, innovating beyond the startup phase, corporate reinvention and leading through change.
  7. DIY App & eBook Publishing: A Live Demonstration Technology is democratizing book publishing by giving authors control over the entire process. Join @bakespace and @ErikDeutsche as they go beyond discussion to demonstrate (live and in real-time) some of the latest do-it-yourself publishing technology.
  8. Bitcoin & Math Based Currencies: Road to $100 BN From 2009 to 2013 the market cap of Bitcoin went up 100x, from $10M to $1bn. This panel, featuring @jeremysliew, Constance Choi of @Payward, and Tony Gallippi of @bitpay, will discuss regulatory issues, network effects, the transition from an ecosystem dominated by speculators to one dominated by merchants and customers, and what will be the necessary preconditions for the next 100x growth.
  9. Beyond Technology: Designing for People Solving technology complexity for consumers may require a shocking level of transformation in terms of how we innovate and create for the future. Join @wasbuxton, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, columnist and renowned author of Sketching for User Experience, as he shares his perspective on the future of technology.
  10. Search is Dead: The Secret Sauce Behind Discovery We live in a world where consumers are most responsive to personalized, curated experiences. This panel, including @hayleybay, @kmlake, @ruzwana and Todd Yellin, will discuss the importance of discovery and why a recommendation, rather than a search based approach is the best way to deliver a personalized, content-driven experience for customers.
  11. Your First 1000 Copies: How to Market Your Book Imagine if you had a direct connection with thousands of readers who loved reading your work and eagerly awaited the launch of your next project. In Your First 1000 Copies, seasoned book marketing expert @timgrahl will share a system any author can put in place to connect with readers and sell more books.
  12. Payment API’s & Ecosystem of Finance & Commerce Financial Services are being rapidly digitized and the distinction between tech and finance is blurring at an increasingly rapid pace. Designed for anyone interested in the future of money or its implications, this core conversation featuring @dkimerling and @schwentker will cover the macro trends disrupting financial services, highlight a few of the most exciting areas of change, and sketch out the possible implications for the future.
  13. API Management: The Agony & the Ecstasy The manner in which an API is managed once it is launched is just as critical to its success as the design of the API and the features it offers. In this session, @ThorMitchell will offer a balanced look at the reality of managing a popular API, drawn from over 6 years experience working on API’s at Google.
  14. The Discussion’s Over: New Domains Are Here With new Top Level Domain developments happening daily, @JeremiahJohnsto will be discussing unique issues that accompany their launch such as string contentions, Internationalized Domain Names, the debate over open and closed registries and how to beat the crowd for the best new domains.
  15. Bitcoin Workshop: Buying, Selling & Transacting In this two and a half hour long workshop, @StephenFraga will go over the history of bitcoin and then get right into how to use the software. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a miniature stash of bitcoin, some new friends, and a few transactions under your belt.
  16. From Good to Great: API Design Patterns Beyond REST API design is a critical component of developer experience. In this session, @JeremiahLee will explore advanced web service API design for the most common use cases API providers encounter, as well as more obscure design challenges and the processes that lead to intuitable solutions.
  17. The Case for the Coding CEO Coding is a skill that is traditionally held by a select group of individuals within a company. However, during this solo presentation, @sweetlew will discuss the benefits of being a CEO who embraces his or her inner ‘nerd,’ and what leaders in technology will achieve by making coding a priority.
  18. Secure by Design: Security with UX in Mind Security for your company and app is more important than ever, but security has often been at odds with great user experience. This panel, hosted by @BrandenSpikes, will convene security experts and companies committed to great UI/UX to discuss considerations that all developers and designers need to keep in mind in today’s highly volatile digital world.
  19. My Sensors. My Data? From activity trackers to Google Glass, wearables are all the rage. But who should get access to the data? @grapealope and @wilbanks discuss the barriers and enablers to creating an open data ecosystem that lays the foundation for one integrated network of connected devices.
  20. Owning Identity: A Conversation with Tony Conrad The average consumer’s online identity is segmented across the web on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and WordPress. co-founder and CEO @tonysphere will sit down with The Wall Street Journal’s @EvelynRusli to discuss the state of online identity.
  21. Data to Go: Mobile API Design While the networking and data layer may not be the sexiest part of your application, it is vitally important to the experience of your users. In this four hour workshop, @ecgreb and @mattsmollinger explore the topic of mobile API’s, including best design, data, and security practices.
  22. Tech Off Your Clothes: Naked Truths of Wearables Technology is moving out of our hands and onto our bodies. @BillieWhouse, @pixeltwidler, @livehappy8, and @QManning discuss the line between fashion, usability and taste.
  23. Open Source Licenses for Makers & Humans Linux hacker and Co-author of Raspbery Pi Hacks, @spotrh, will discuss how open source licenses work, help makers understand how to pick the correct licenses for their needs, and help humans understand what licenses mean (and how to comply with them).
  24. A Global Economy Driven by Platforms & API’s ‘Pirate Entrepreneur’ @khris and @Amazon CTO @Werner discuss new economic models where goods and services are created on the fly by picking from hundreds, if not thousands, of API endpoints and combining them together.
  25. Building Your Own 21st Century Robot Author and Futurist @IntelFuturist leverages his knowledge and science fiction prototyping technique to not only tell you stories about a new kind of robot, but to show you how to make them real.
  26. Digital Disruption – The Next Wave of Innovation @jmcquivey, VP Principal Analyst at @Forrester, will read selections from his book and share behind-the-scenes of his work with some of the largest companies in the world as they struggle to realize that they must exploit digital tools and platforms to disrupt or be disrupted.
  27. The Wrong Side of History – Worst Technology Ever @ToopherJosh, @heatherhinton and @bobblakley will discuss old and new “things we tried to fix with technology” in order to help inspire the creativity to build a more connected tomorrow, while reducing the probability of SkyNet.
  28. NSA and the Future of Web Users and Web Companies @BradUSV, @cesifoti, @eastdakota, and @nickcalyx will have a frank discussion about the NSA, online surveillance, and the privacy expecations from the perspective of both web users and web companies.
  29. Privacy: What Your Car Tells the World Anna Laitin, @honestlobbyist, Cora Han, and @HFord2 discuss whether the intelligent car is the new portal through which your data will be shared with the world.
  30. Design Pattern Libraries @veganace, Senior Interaction Designer at @ebay and @BrianPeppler, Director, Experience Design at @EmpathyLab, discuss new ways to communicate designs and the process of creating, maintaining, and evolving a design language using a pattern library.
  31. Is Privacy a Right or an Illusion? @hhelgeson, CEO of @MWarehouse, will share key insights to ensure your privacy isn’t being compromised, and how companies can be sure their clients and customers feel secure while receiving a high-quality customer experience.
  32. Do Consumers Care About Privacy Online? @BlairReeves of @IBM sets aside the media circus around “privacy” and examines data ranging from social media, digital advertising and online search to provide some answers to the question: do people care about privacy online?
  33. Spoofing on the High Seas: Yacht vs. GPS Device Todd Humphreys and Jashan Bhatti of UT Austin, Kenneth Himschoot and Captain Andrew Schofield share an improbable story that culminated with an improbable scene: a $2k box the size of a small briefcase controlling an $80M yacht the size of a jumbo jet.
  34. Privacy Under the Covers: The Naked Truth @shainaboone, SVP Marketing at Critical Mass and MeMe Jacobs Rasmussen, Chief Privacy Officer at Adobe break down the misconceptions around data privacy and discuss how data privacy both protects and inhibits your personal online experiences.
  35. Big Data Inverted: Best Candy is From Strangers @PNBLive and @MariaBZ from Intel, Chris Colburn, Chief Experience Officer at R/GA and Google product manager @DinkarJain explore the implications of a “barricaded” society where our previous online behavior algorithmically dictates our experiences and unintentionally blocks us from new information.
  36. Wearable Devices: The Future of Healthcare? Vikrant Bhakta, Optical Design and Systems Engineer at Texas Instruments discusses how the convergence of health and wearable personal technology can usher in a revolution in personal healthcare in every corner of the globe.
  37. Humans Matter Most in Cyber Security, Not Firewalls @Du4, @SocEngineerInc, Jon Iadonisi, founder of White Canvas Group, and Nicole Tatrow, founder and CEO of the Virtuosi Group, offer recommendations for securing humans against socially engineered cyber attacks.
  38. Innovation and Kids Privacy: Can They Coexist? @SaraKloek, @MomsWithApps and Elana Zeide of NYU discuss how developers and policy makers can work together to provide parents and children what they want: innovative products that respect children’s privacy.
  39.  Being Social With Grandma: Social Media for 50+ @AldeaDC and @Andres4Castillo discuss the effective ways to communicate with the 50+ population via social media and why it’s necessary.
  40. Online Privacy: Nuclear Meltdown or NextGen Fuel? @liu_jeffrey and @RWong discuss whether the social age will continue to fuel new business opportunities or result in a modern day nuclear meltdown.

Voting Period Picks that Made the Cut

  1. Who Are You? Gluu CEO Mike Schwartz will talk about the sexiest new ways to authenticate: mobile, location-based, biometric, image-based… proving who you are is now possible more ways from more types of devices than ever, and the pace of innovation is showing no signs of fatigue.
  2. Hacking LinkedIn: the B2B Bible Gluu Director of Business Development Will Lowe will be hosting a workshop to teach the automation secrets that have expanded Mike’s professional network by more than 1,000 new connections in less than 7 months.
  3. Tips & Tools for Protected Connection Eve Maler, Joni Brennan, and Lucy Lynch will offer the low down on where digital privacy is currently “at”, and offer some pragmatic advice.
  4. The Future of Biometrics Engineer and Technology VP Skooks Pong will provide an overview of new biometric authentication technologies that we may see soon!
  5. Austin: Home of the Journey Entrepreneur Bijoy Goswami of Bootstrap Austin describes what makes Austin a great place for your venture to find you.
  6. Cloud Portability With Multi-Cloud Toolkits Everett Toews of Rackspace describes how to architect your IAAS infrastructure for portability
  7. The DarkNet Emerges Andrew Delamarter of Huge describes how a new anonymous subnet is forming where people cannot be identified online.
  8. Hacking Meat: Why Insects Are the Future of Food At the current rate of production, there won’t be enough protein for everyone. Yes, running out of brisket is terrifying prospect in Austin, but maybe instead of longhorns, we should eat longhorn beetles!
  9. Dear Taco Vendor, How are You Securing My Data? David Tishgart of Gazzang leads a discussion of how our personal data is being (mis)used and what you can do about it.


About Gluu:
Gluu provides build, operate, and transfer services to organizations that want to deploy the Gluu Server stack for single sign-on, strong authentication, and web access management. A subscription to Gluu Server Operate, Gluu’s flagship service, enables an organization to centralize authentication and access management for their Internet domain, on the IAAS platform of their choice, using open standards such as SAML and OAuth2.

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Mike has been an entrepreneur and identity specialist for more than two decades. He is the technical and business visionary behind Gluu. Mike is an application security expert and has been a featured speaker at RSA Conference, Gartner Catalyst, Cloud Identity Summity (now "Identiverse") and many other security conferences around the world.