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Gluu joins Cisco, Gartner, OpenID and others to Sponsor the 2012 Cloud Identity Summit

Gluu Inc. today announced its sponsorship of the 2012 Cloud Identity Summit in Vail, Colorado. From July 16-19, leading identity experts will take stage to...

Michael Schwartz June 12, 2012

The Future of Cloud Identity

After a decade of creating a multitude of online accounts, with a plethora of usernames and passwords, most people will welcome some form of identity...

Michael Schwartz June 11, 2012


In the 1921 novel We by Yevgeny Zamyatin, citizens live in a glass city, where there is literally no privacy. Kaliya Hamlin wrote in her...

Michael Schwartz June 10, 2012

School Ring Federation

At a high level, this blog is about how xdiCoin and OX messaging could be used to support OpenID Connect 1.0 multi-party federations. The interactions...

Michael Schwartz June 10, 2012

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