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Gluu Founder and CEO, Mike Schwartz, to host OpenID Connect 1.0 session at RSA Conference Europe 2012

For Immediate Release — Austin, TX Gluu Inc. today announced that its’ Founder and CEO, Michael Schwartz, has been approved for an individual session at...

Michael Schwartz August 16, 2012

Ring not Rev : A proposal for the Global Registry Service

Background Since becoming a trustee of XDI.ORG, I have been engaged in a conversation for how to “rev” the XDI.ORG Global Registry Service (“GRS”). Rev...

Michael Schwartz July 12, 2012

Sunrise, Sunset: Rise of The Ring, Fall of the Web

The Web was designed to publish, not secure data, at a time when people primarily had one or two computers, not multiple tablets, laptops, tv’s,...

Michael Schwartz July 8, 2012

SAML Protocol Overview

Because the SAML Protocol… is so foundational to the software and service Gluu provides, we wanted to lay out the basics of SAML for those...

Michael Schwartz June 13, 2012

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