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Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication

The Gluu Server now supports CIBA. Improve the end-user experience during authentication and authorization. OpenID Connect Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication Flow is an authentication flow...

Via October 6, 2020

Financial Grade OpenID Connect Certified

  Gluu Server 4.2 is certified to conform with the Financial Grade OpenID Provider profile. Called “FAPI” for short, this profile provides detailed requirements for...

Via October 6, 2020

BioID: Server-side Biometric Authentication

BioID is a server side biometric platform that uses face, voice and eye modalities and liveness detection. Organisations can self-host or use BioID’s hosted API...

Via October 1, 2020

WWPass Login without Usernames and Passwords

Good security starts at the login screen. With the WWPass mobile app or token, users can easily log in to all their enabled applications without...

Via October 1, 2020

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