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Gluu 4.1 is now available!

Gluu Server 4.1 is now generally available!  In the new version, we’ve made some structural changes to our product packages. Now, Gluu Casa and oxd...

Sam Morris March 9, 2020

Tutorial: Using device & location for 2FA

Leverage contextual information to implement intelligent authentication workflows in the Gluu Server. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is proven to increase account security, but it also adds...

William Lowe February 4, 2020

Happy Holidays! We’re open sourcing our entire product suite!

tl;dr: We’re open sourcing our entire suite of identity & access management (IAM) products, including Casa, Super Gluu, Gluu Gateway and more. How much of...

Michael Schwartz December 24, 2019

Authorize like a pro with Axiomatics + UMA

Overview Gluu is not really a great place to store policies. While you can express policies in Gluu Server RPT interception scripts, if you have...

Michael Schwartz May 31, 2019

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