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Authorize like a pro with Axiomatics + UMA

Overview Gluu is not really a great place to store policies. While you can express policies in Gluu Server RPT interception scripts, if you have...

Michael Schwartz May 31, 2019

Self-service account security with Casa

tl;dr: To improve the usability of two-factor authentication (2FA), organizations need to offer people self-service tools. That’s why we’ve introduced Casa. As people interact with...

William Lowe April 23, 2019

Managing cache in the Gluu Server

Some organizations might find it helpful to configure their Gluu Server to issue longer user or client sessions. Longer sessions mean fewer authentications, which, in...

William Lowe April 10, 2019

The business of free software

Ten years ago, we created the Gluu Server, a distribution of free open source software for identity and access management (IAM). To build a robust...

Michael Schwartz April 5, 2019

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