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oxd 3.1.4 is GA & open source

William Lowe October 29, 2018

We’re excited to announce the latest release of our OAuth 2.0 client software, oxd 3.1.4, is now generally available under the Apache2 open source license:

In addition to removing license validation (and making the code and packages open source!), the latest version includes bug fixes, new features, and more operational simplicity.

View the release notes

Why Open Source?

After much consideration we decided against licensing software in the critical path of access.

Gluu is built on the premise that access management tools should be available to every person and organization. We also believe open source is the best development methodology for open standards software.

By adopting an open source license, we hope to see a vibrant community flourish around oxd's shared use and continued development.

How to monetize?

Our financial and organizational commitment to oxd remains unchanged.

In addition to offering VIP support, in 2019 we will likely introduce new commercial offerings that make oxd better suited for large-scale deployments.

If you have requests or suggestions, just send an email to

EOL for older versions

Older versions of oxd will remain unchanged.

However, we will end-of-life support and decommission the licensing infrastructure for previous versions (< 3.1.4) on January 1, 2019.

If you have older installations, you should upgrade to oxd 3.1.4 before then to avoid interruptions in service.

We hope this is welcome news, and look forward to growing the community around oxd.

Read the docs

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William Lowe

As the marketing and operations leader at Gluu, Will works across channels to ensure the successful release of new products, features and services to Gluu's international community of identity & access management gurus!