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Independent research firm cites Gluu as OpenID Connect Vendor

Michael Schwartz January 7, 2013

An October 24, 2012 independent research report on Identity Standards cites Austin, TX startup, Gluu, as one  vendor that provides productized support for OpenID Connect.

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December 28, 2012, Austin, TX — In an October 24, 2012 independent research report, Gluu was cited as one vendor that currently provides productized support for OpenID Connect, a set of specifications that rests on a foundation of OAuth 2.0 to provide authentication for mobile, social, and cloud applications. The Forrester Research, Inc. report, ”TechRadar™ For Security Pros: Zero Trust Identity Standards, Q3 2012″ is designed to help security and risk leaders assess traditional and emerging identity security standards.

“OpenID Connect is a promising solution for long-standing federated SSO needs that were not solved by earlier more complex technologies such as SAML, partly due to its OAuth underpinnings,” writes Eve Maler in the Zero Trust ID Standards TechRadar report. She continued, “OpenID Connect is poised to add great value to B2E, B2B, B2C, and hybrid SSO use cases, and to pave the way for identity claims-based access to online resources.” 

OpenID Connect can be considered a follow-on to OpenID, but its technical basis is sufficiently different and should be considered on its own merits. The promise of OpenID Connect is a no-compromise approach to cloud identity and access management needs only partially enabled by SAML for B2B SSO, OpenID for B2C SSO, and OAuth 2.0 for SaaS API authorization.

“Although vendor support for OpenID Connect was described as “early days,” Gluu is seeing increased interest and unique business cases around the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards” said Mike Schwartz, CEO and Founder of Gluu. “We’re learning a tremendous amount from our live deployment of OpenID Connect and are thrilled to be recognized for providing productized vendor support for OpenID Connect.”

While the OpenID Connect specification is still being finalized at the OpenID Foundation, its’ OAuth 2.0 technical basis and support from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others, presents a compelling case that the standard will be finalized, adopted, and will have a profound impact on web based federated identity. “There are now very few alternative standards under active development for enabling user authentication, client authentication, client registration, and discovery. Even the UMA profile of OAuth 2.0 is building on these OpenID Connect defined endpoints,” commented Gluu CEO Mike Schwartz.

About Gluu
Gluu ( is an Austin, TX startup that provides open source and on demand cloud identity and trust management. Gluu leverages standards such as OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, and SCIM to make achieving single sign-on (SSO) secure and easy. Deployed quickly on public and private cloud servers, Gluu’s cloud identity platform helps organizations address the installation and operational issues of an organizational identity provider at a predictable annual cost.

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Mike Schwartz

Mike has been an entrepreneur and identity specialist for more than two decades. He is the technical and business visionary behind Gluu. Mike is an application security expert and has been a featured speaker at RSA Conference, Gartner Catalyst, Cloud Identity Summity (now "Identiverse") and many other security conferences around the world.

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