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HackingEAST – API’s for Art Results

Michael Schwartz March 3, 2014


The Hackathon was completed on Sunday, and the results were really amazing and thought provoking.

Although only two teams submitted final projects, they were both extremely high quality.

What was clear was that either of these apps would achieve the goals:

  1. We would help artists promote their work to a much large community through social networking — especially artists who are not in one of the major art hubs.
  2. We would help artists sell more of their work.
  3. We would make the East Tour more user friendly for patrons (and significantly lower the transactions costs to find and purchase art)


It was an unfortunately difficult job picking one of the apps to win. I worked closely with both teams over the preceding three weeks, so I know how hard they all worked.

One of the apps was a native app, and one of the apps was HTML5. They were different, but both excellent. In the end, we picked the HTML5 app as the winner because it had a slightly simpler user interface, and its use of bookmarking to help patrons remember art and venues gave it a slight edge in the voting.

The winning team recorded a video, which I highly recommend watching:

I’ve asked the other participants to also record a demo of their app.

Where to go from here? With this successful Hackathon, I think we’re one step closer to having a killer app for the next tour!

Thanks to all our judges and sponsors for helping to make this happen!


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Mike Schwartz

Mike has been an entrepreneur and identity specialist for more than two decades. He is the technical and business visionary behind Gluu. Mike is an application security expert and has been a featured speaker at RSA Conference, Gartner Catalyst, Cloud Identity Summity (now "Identiverse") and many other security conferences around the world.