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Gluu Server 3.1.6 is now available

William Lowe April 2, 2019

We’re excited to announce Gluu Server 3.1.6 is now generally available:

Install Gluu 3.1.6

Upgrade to Gluu 3.1.6

Release highlights

Support for Gluu Casa

CE 3.1.6 includes several optimizations to support Casa, a new application we wrote to help organizations using the Gluu Server roll out 2FA. Learn more

SAML Single Logout improvements

Administrators can now enable SAML single logout (SLO) using the Shibboleth SSO logout profile. Read the docs

SAML Force Authentication

Gluu now supports the SAML forceAuthn parameter. When an RP sets this flag, users will be sent to the IDP for authentication even if they already have a pre-existing session in the server. Read the docs

Better handling of cache

In CE 3.1.6, unused and expired cache and session related entries are periodically removed by a “cleaningJob”, reducing unnecessary data in LDAP and improving the servers performance.

Minor bug fixes and UX improvements

A variety of bug fixes and UX improvements are included with the latest release.

See a complete list of fixes and updates in the Gluu Server 3.1.6 release notes.

Thank you for being part of the Gluu community, and helping us create the best access management platform on the planet!

Install Gluu 3.1.6

Upgrade to Gluu 3.1.6

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William Lowe

As the marketing and operations leader at Gluu, Will works across channels to ensure the successful release of new products, features and services to Gluu's international community of identity & access management gurus!