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Gluu 4.1 is now available!

Sam Morris March 9, 2020

Gluu Server 4.1 is now generally available! 

In the new version, we’ve made some structural changes to our product packages. Now, Gluu Casa and oxd are both included in the main Community Edition package. Due to this change, all three can be installed with the same setup script! We’ve added prompts to the setup script to simplify deployment. See the documentation for details.

For the main Gluu Server, we’ve made a few improvements to OpenID Connect client creation, fixing errors that caused early expiration and lost attributes. Additionally, IDP user sessions are now cached similarly  to other services, helping with server restarts and clustered replication. See all changes in the full Release Notes.

Gluu Gateway now comes with an upgraded Kong Community Edition version 2.0, as well as improvements to metrics and access tokens. See all changes in the full Release Notes.

Gluu Casa has been optimized to work in a clustered environment, along with UI improvements and bug fixes. See all changes in the full Release Notes.

For better compliance with the OpenID Connect spec, we’ve implemented additional validation steps to oxd. See all changes in the full Release Notes.

Thank you for being part of the Gluu community and helping us create the best access management platform on the planet!

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Sam Morris