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Gluu 3.1.5 is now available

William Lowe January 17, 2019

We’re excited to announce Gluu Server 3.1.5 is now generally available:

Release highlights


FIDO 2.0 is now supported! Simply enable the new interception script and endpoints in oxTrust. Read the docs.

oxTrust UX improvements for OpenID Connect clients

When configuring an OpenID Connect client in oxTrust, a default ACR can now be selected from a prepopulated list. In addition, a one-page summary for OpenID Connect clients is now available and can be exported in Markdown with one click. Read the docs here and here.

Easier certificate management

Commonly used certificates with shorter expiration times are now accessible from oxTrust, sparing you the trouble of accessing the Chroot. Read the docs.

Logging improvements

Two new logs have been added to the Gluu Server: one for the Apache Velocity template engine, and another for the oxTrust clean-up tool. Log levels in oxTrust have also been re-worked to be more intuitive. Read the docs here and here

Minor bug fixes and UX improvements

A variety of bug fixes and feature enhancements are also present in the latest release.

See a complete list of fixes and updates in the Gluu Server 3.1.5 release notes.

We hope you like it!

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William Lowe

As the marketing and operations leader at Gluu, Will works across channels to ensure the successful release of new products, features and services to Gluu's international community of identity & access management gurus!