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FIDO2 plus fingerprints in a brilliant, small package

Via January 12, 2021

AuthenTrend, a fingerprint security key solution provider, today announced a new partnership with Gluu, a leader in open source identity and access management ecosystem. The goal of the partnership is to collaborate on passwordless infrastructures for enterprise employees, consumers, and citizens. Gluu’s has tested AuthenTrend’s FIDO authentication devices, ATKey.Pro and ATKey.Card which are compliant with the FIDO2, FIDO U2F, andW3C WebAuthn standards, which enable people to move away from passwords in lieu of secure cryptographic credentials based on public and private key technology.

AuthenTrend’s applied fingerprint-authentication technology is trusted by the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, and can also be used for Windows Sign-on. Unlike traditional fingerprint devices, AuthenTrend’s patented standalone enrollment technology allows users to enroll fingerprints directly on the ATKey.Card or ATKey.Pro, no app download required. The ATKey.Pro device is available as both USB-A and USB-C. The ATKey.Card device supports USB-A, NFC and Bluetooth.

FIDO leverages the previously enrolled biometric template to unlock access to a private key. While older FIDO technologies required an end-user to simply press a button, biometric FIDO credentials ensure that only the owner of the key can use the credential. The private key never leaves the device–meaning a breach of the server does not enable impersonation. FIDO technology also prevents phishing, as hackers cannot trick the user to provide a one time code or intercept it with malware.

Gluu includes extensive support for FIDO devices in it’s platform, including both FIDO U2F and FIDO 2 authentication and registration endpoints. This design enables applications to use federated digital identity protocols like SAML or OpenID Connect to achieve single sign-on across multiple domains, and to request FIDO as the mechanism to authenticate the end user. The Gluu platform also includes a self-service web portal called Casa that enables end users to see their registered devices, and to remove a device, for example if it’s lost. Like all Gluu components, the login experience and Casa can be customized to meet the exact localization, user experience and security requirements of enterprises and governments. For more information about Gluu, you can visit their website at

AuthenTrend aspires to replace all passwords with biometrics to help people take back ownership of their credentials. Learn More AuthenTrend products:

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