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Deploy a Highly Available Redis Cache Cluster for Gluu

[:en] In this blog we will detail a relatively easy way to get a functioning Redis-cluster to cache session data and tokens generated by the...

Christopher Blanton June 25, 2018

Gluu Business Model Update

[:en] From time to time, we document Gluu’s business model using one of the method’s described in the book Business Model Generation: A Handbook for...

Mike S. January 11, 2018

OSCON: Crypto For Kids

Proposal: “Crypto For Kids” Status: This proposal is under consideration. Proposer: Michael Schwartz (   Description Crypto is the ultimate secret message machine! This workshop...

Mike S. March 20, 2015

OAuth2 evolution not revolution

Question: “Our federation runs a well established Shibboleth infrastructure, and all changes would cause considerable costs. What are specific advantages of your AM solution that...

Mike S. December 6, 2014

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