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  • Google on Identity: “Don’t try this at home!”

    Last year at the Cloud Identity Summit Google’s Product Management Director of Identity, Eric Sachs, gave an insightful talk about OpenID Connect. It was mostly the normal stuff about Account Chooser, and the idea of “identifier first” authentication workflow (great idea!). But then came a surprise. I’ll have to paraphrase since the talk was almost … Read more >>

  • SPNEGO — The Rope

    Note: Gluu does not support SPNEGO. Chatting this week at EIC with Jackson Shaw from Dell, I mentioned my frustration with Gluu customers requesting SPNEGO, “a web-specific implementation of GSSAPI which is an IETF standard” says Dan McDougall, from Kitkoff Software (see his other interesting comments at the end of this post). In practice, its … Read more >>

  • Gluu Server CE 2.4.3 is now available!

    Today we are pleased to announce general availability of the Gluu Server Community Edition (CE) 2.4.3, our industry leading free open source software (FOSS) identity and access management (IAM) platform.  Deploy the Gluu Server 2.4.3 Upgrade to the Gluu Server 2.4.3 Here are some of the notable updates included in Gluu Server CE 2.4.3: Support for … Read more >>

  • The State of Digital Identity in 2016

    What are the latest advances in Identity Management technology? Identity management (or “IDM”) is how an organization manages changing user information. For example, when an organization hires an employee, or a consumer enrolls at a website, a record is created. When a person changes their password (or some other credential), they update their record. A … Read more >>

  • Gluu’s RSA Conference 2016 Events

    RSA Conference 2016 is rapidly approaching!
    Here is a quick rundown of all our RSA Conference 2016 related eventsRead more >>