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FIDO2 plus fingerprints in a brilliant, small package

AuthenTrend, a fingerprint security key solution provider, today announced a new partnership with Gluu, a leader in open source identity and access management ecosystem. The...

Via January 12, 2021

CENTOS Linux is Dead: A warning to the KeyCloak community

Red Hat surprised the open source world with its announcment that it is pulling the plug on CENTOS. But should anyone be surprised? At the...

Michael Schwartz December 13, 2020

Ten Impacts of the Janssen Project on Gluu

By now, you’ve probably read the announcement about the creation of the Janssen Project at the Linux Foundation. This was the culmination of many months...

Michael Schwartz December 9, 2020

The Janssen Project Takes on World’s Most Demanding Digital Trust Challenges at Linux Foundation

New Janssen Project seeks to build the world’s fastest and most comprehensive cloud native identity and access management software platform San Francisco, Calif., December 8,...

Via December 8, 2020

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