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  • Gluu Server CE 2.4.3 is now available!

    Today we are pleased to announce general availability of the Gluu Server Community Edition (CE) 2.4.3, our industry leading free open source software (FOSS) identity and access management (IAM) platform.  Deploy the Gluu Server 2.4.3 Upgrade to the Gluu Server 2.4.3 Here are some of the notable updates included in Gluu Server CE 2.4.3: Support for … Read more >>

  • The State of Digital Identity in 2016

    What are the latest advances in Identity Management technology? Identity management (or “IDM”) is how an organization manages changing user information. For example, when an organization hires an employee, or a consumer enrolls at a website, a record is created. When a person changes their password (or some other credential), they update their record. A … Read more >>

  • Gluu’s RSA Conference 2016 Events

    RSA Conference 2016 is rapidly approaching!
    Here is a quick rundown of all our RSA Conference 2016 related eventsRead more >>

  • Free Open Source Software: More eyes = More secure!

    I like a contrarian article as much as the next person. I’ve even written a few myself… But I recognize that if I write something that is false or misleading, I have an obligation to correct it. The blogosphere is a moving target: there is room for bloggers to improve their work based on research, … Read more >>

  • Progress without Altruism

    In Progress Without Profits, an article that appeared in The Economist on September 19th, 2015, the author asserts that companies that write open source software do so partly out of altruism. Selfless concern for the well-being of others is a practice that makes sense for individuals, but would be suicidal for a start-up. Many businesses … Read more >>