100% Open Source Components

The Gluu Server is a stack of free open source software that enables an organization to deliver a self-hosted, standards-based authentication and authorization service. Some of the software we wrote and some of the software we integrated from existing open source projects. All components can be used in production for free. Learn more about the license for each software.

Gluu Server Community Edition

The Gluu Server for SSO, 2FA & WAM

Currently CE includes the following components:

  • oxAuth is an inter-op leading OpenID Connect Provider and a production ready implementation of Enterprise UMA, a new profile of OAuth2 that defines RESTful, JSON-based, standardized flows and constructs for coordinating the protection of any API or web resource.
  • oxTrust is the interface for server management.
  • And the Gluu OpenDJ LDAP server is included for persistence of attributes and configuration data. This is our compiled and supported version of OpenDJ, and is free to use in production.

Community support can be enlisted for free, while VIP Support can be purchased for private support, priority responses, and help configuring the code. Gluu Server CE packages are now available for CentOS and Ubuntu.

Deploy Gluu CE VIP Support