Mission Critical Authentication
and Authorization

Open Source or On Demand

The Gluu Server is a ‘vacuum’ of open source software — some of which we wrote, some of which we didn’t — that enables an organization to deliver an enterprise-class authentication, authorization and federation service.

Each component of the Gluu Server can be deployed on its own, however Gluu only provides documentation for deploying OX products. Due to the complexity of configuring Shibboleth and OX to work in unison, an ‘on demand’ deployment of the Gluu Server is recommended if your organization needs both a SAML IDP and OAuth2 Provider.
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Open Source — OX

The Gluu Server for SSO, 2FA & WAM

Since we started Gluu, our philosophy has been to use the best available open source software when it’s available, and to write our own open source software to fill in the cracks.

We started the OX project to address two gaps: (1) “oxTrust” provides a web based management GUI to make it easier for organizations to centrally manage security; (2) “oxAuth” is an OAuth2 provider that implements OpenID Connect and UMA, two new open standards that better support emerging authentication and authorization requirements such as mobile SSO, and web and API access management.

OX was designed from the ground up to support enterprise deployments. The application is stateless and can be configured to support any load balancer algorithm. Enterprise support can be purchased for private support, priority responses, and help building the OX code.
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On Demand — Gluu Server

The Gluu Server for SSO, 2FA & WAM

The Gluu Server is a combination of open source identity and access management software that is built, configured, and supported by Gluu.

With our proprietary puppet recipe and trained staff, we can build and support Gluu Servers at scale. All Gluu Servers are sold per server — not per user or connection — and include annual support, monitoring and reporting, so if your authentication service goes down we can proactively try to resolve the issue.
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