Open Source Authentication & API Access Management

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Open Source or On Demand

The Gluu Server stack is a combination of open source software that, when implemented in chorus, provides an enterprise class identity and access management suite. oxAuth, the OpenID Connect Provider (OP) and UMA Policy Decision Point (PDP), and oxTrust, our web application for server administration, can be downloaded on the OX wiki. If you wanted to deploy the complete Gluu Server stack on your own, you would need to also download and configure Shibboleth, FreeRADIUS and OpenLDAP using their respective documentation. 

Open Source

The Gluu Server for SSO, 2FA & WAM

Since we started Gluu, our philosophy has been to use the best available open source software when its available, and to write our own open source software to fill in the cracks where it isn’t. For example, Shibboleth was already the world’s leading SAML implementation, and FreeRadius had been around for more than a decade.

We started the OX project to address two gaps: (1) “oxTrust” provides a web based management GUI to make it easier for organizations (even Gluu!) to centrally manage security; (2) “oxAuth” provides an implementation of an OAuth2 provider that implements OpenID Connect and UMA, two new open standards that we believe will transform the Internet, making it a safer place for businesses and consumers.

All of the code in the OX Stack can be found on the OX wiki using the button below. Our knowledge base is currently in beta, but we are actively supporting paid and non-paid users of OX. Enterprise support can be purchased for private support, priority responses, and help building the OX code.
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On Demand

The Gluu Server for SSO, 2FA & WAM

With our proprietary puppet recipe and trained staff, we can build, operate and support Gluu Servers at scale. A subscription to the Gluu Server can help your domain more easily deploy and operate an open source identity and access management infrastructure that supports adaptive authentication, credential management, and open standards for single sign-on and web access management.
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