100% Open Source Components

The Gluu Server is a stack of free open source software that enables an organization to deliver a self-hosted, standards-based authentication and authorization service. Some of the software we wrote and some of the software we integrated from existing open source projects. All components can be used in production for free. Learn more about the license for each software.

Gluu Server Community Edition

The Gluu Server for SSO, 2FA & WAM

During deployment of CE, you will have the option to deploy the following components:

  • Shibboleth is one of the most dependable open source SAML single sign-on servers available and is in production at more than 5,000 organization’s worldwide.
  • Asimba SAML Proxy enables an organization to consolidate inbound SAML authentication from the IDPs of partners to a website or app.
  • oxAuth is Gluu’s inter-op leading OpenID Connect IDP and industry leading UMA Authorization Server (AS).
  • Gluu OpenDJ LDAP is our compiled and supported version of OpenDJ that provides persistence for the Gluu Server.
  • oxTrust is the server administration application. In oxTrust, the server admin can manage and configure SAML & OpenID Connect single sign-on, and script policies to enforce custom authentication workflows and control access to web resources like folders and API’s.

Community support can be enlisted for free, while VIP Support can be purchased for private support, priority responses, and help configuring the code. Gluu Server CE packages are now available for CentOS and Ubuntu.

Deploy Gluu CE VIP Support